Getting Started with Family Volunteering

We've made some changes to the program in March 2017.

Hands On Charlotte greatly values our young volunteers! Children (ages 6 to 17) are welcome to volunteer at designated projects with a parent. Our family program includes the creation of family teams for parents and their children, and requires that parents actively volunteer with their children the entire length of the project.

Before you begin completing the steps below: First make sure you are interested in helping at our family projects, listed on this page. Second, please read our Volunteer Guidelines. We value our volunteers and appreciate your time but we also have a commitment to our partner agencies and those in need so it's crucial that all volunteers follow the guidelines. Third, please note there is a one-time fee (step 4).

We provide lots of resources for youth groups on the Bulletin Board page. Youth groups are not eligible for our monthly calendar opportunities.

Everyone can participate in our annual event on April 29: Hands On Charlotte Day.

Step 1: Register

To sign up for projects or express interest to receive contact information on opportunities, all adults (18 and over) must first be registered on this site. Youth under 18 should not register.

Step 2: Complete the Youth Waiver

Please complete a Youth Waiver Form and bring with you to orientation. All youth volunteers must be included on the form. We will only create family teams after you complete the orientation. Please do not create your own team.

Step 3. Attend an Orientation

Attend a new volunteer orientation. Only one parent per family is required to attend this session. We don't have space for children/youth to attend. If you would like a second parent to be added to your family team, please have the second parent complete a Volunteer Application, and have the first parent bring the completed form to orientation.

Step 4: Pay Volunteer Engagement Fees

Volunteers pay the engagement fee, $20 per adult and $10 per child. Everyone receives an HOC t-shirt. Adults pick up the t-shirts at the orientation session.

Volunteer Engagement Fee (one HOC t-shirt per person)
Volunteer's Name
Volunteer's Email Address


Extra HOC T-Shirts


Step 5: Background Check for Adults

We process background checks on adult family team members AFTER you complete the orientation.

Step 6: Sign Up

Once your background check has been cleared, look for family friendly volunteer opportunities using our Volunteer Opportunity Calendar. Select "Or Sign Up With A Team" to the right of the Sign Up button at the bottom of the opportunity description page. On the next page you will choose which team you want to sign up. You will be automatically signed up for that project and will receive a confirmation e-mail containing all of the information you will need. Be sure to only sign up those individuals who will be in attendance for the project.

Here's a link to a video that describes the process in more detail:
Signing up Family

Please call the office if you have questions or if you are having a difficult time with this process. 704-333-7471