Volunteer Guidelines

It's very simple, only sign up for projects you can attend.

  • If you are signed up for a project and your plans change, please remove yourself from the opportunity through the HOC website.                                                        
  • Out of respect for other volunteers and our dedicated volunteer leaders, if you must cancel within 24 Hours of the project start time, first remove yourself from the project and then call or text the volunteer leader. There are two required steps for late cancellations.
  • If you repeatedly cancel with short notice (within 24 hours), your account may be suspended. In other words, volunteers that do not attend at least two-thirds (67%) of the projects they sign up to attend, will no longer be able to sign up for projects through the website.
  • If you were signed up for a project and are not verified as attending by the volunteer leader, we will send you an email. PLEASE follow up, sometimes we make mistakes.
  • Parents must be present with their children during the entire duration of the project. Children can not be dropped off at projects. Parents must also actively participate.
  • Due to strict privacy laws, VOLUNTEERS CAN NOT TAKE PHOTOS OF RESIDENTS OR POST THEM ON-LINE (twitter, facebook, snapchat, instagram, etc.)
  • Hands On Charlotte (HOC) does not accept court-ordered volunteers. If you need hours for this purpose we can refer you to other agencies.
Explanation for Volunteer Guidelines

Hands On Charlotte’s mission is to inspire, equip and mobilize a diverse corps of volunteers to strengthen our community. We can only achieve our mission and help our partner agencies if volunteers attend the projects they sign up for on our website.

We understand that no one misses a project intentionally. However, when volunteers do not show up for projects or cancel late, the following may occur:

1.     Inconveniences the people/agencies we are trying to help.
2.     Harms our relationships with our partner agencies
3.     Makes it very difficult for our Volunteer Leaders to manage projects
4.     Discourages other volunteers who could not sign up for projects that were filled.

Please keep in mind that you choose which projects to attend. It is your responsibility to check your email and remember the date you signed up to help.

Hands On Charlotte strictly enforces all guidelines because we also have an obligation to our partners and to those in need. All projects contain set volunteer limits to allow volunteers meaningful opportunities.

If your schedule is unpredictable 48 hours before a project date or you do not regularly check your email then you may want to consider whether our volunteer sign-up process is a good fit for you.