Lead a Project

Develop your leadership skills and get more people involved in building our community, when you become a Volunteer Leader.

Volunteer Leaders ensure that every volunteer has a positive experience and that the real needs of our nonprofit partners are met.

What's Great About Being a Volunteer Leader?

  • Networking with other leaders at our group training sessions
  • Deepening your commitment to a social issue
  • Developing new leadership skills and honing the ones you already have
  • Helping other volunteers address community needs

Join Us!

If you are an active Hands On Charlotte volunteer and would like to become a Volunteer Leader, sign up for the next Volunteer Leader Training.

Not yet a Hands on Charlotte volunteer?

For more information or if you are unable to attend a scheduled Volunteer Leader orientation, contact Doug Macomb, Senior Manager Individual Volunteer Engagement, at dmacomb@uwcentralcarolinas.org or (704) 371-7140.

Ph.: 704 372-7170