Facilitating the Business of Caring

Corporate volunteering is good corporate citizenship, period.

A well-conceived, ongoing volunteerism program can deliver not only positive recognition in the community, but also increased loyalty among your associates and the satisfaction of making a tangible difference. It’s ROI in very human terms.

But, if you’re trying to build a volunteer program from the ground up, you’ll likely encounter many question marks: What should we do? Who needs our help? How can we make an impact?

For businesses needing help navigating the often-unfamiliar territory of volunteer and community service project planning, or for companies looking to re-energize their current efforts, Hands On Charlotte offers our All Hands corporate volunteer program.

Through All Hands, we collaborate with you to design a workplace volunteerism program unique to your corporate personality and intentions. Then Hands On Charlotte helps you administer that program.

All Hands program components include:

  • Coordinating with a local nonprofit agencies and schools
  • Scoping projects to match needs with resources
  • Ensuring access to project tools & materials
  • Providing on-site project management
  • Contacting local media to advocate for coverage of the project (if interested)
  • Capturing images from the project (photo and/or video) for use in your corporate communications

Hands On Charlotte’s expertise is making the critical connections between your corporate vision and the community via your employees. We know how to manage volunteers and we know the pressing needs of nonprofit agencies in the Charlotte area. Therefore, we’re well-positioned to help you make a difference, whether you’re a small business looking to build an internal culture of giving back, or a large multinational firm interested a one-time teambuilding project with a social responsibility focus.

If you’d like to learn more about All Hands, contact Bob Young, Director of Volunteer Strategy and Innovation at Byoung@uwcentralcarolinas.org.